35/52 -“the 52 project”


Portraits of my child, once a week, every week, in 2016

Why, yes I am sleepy (and my mom will not know about it  if I keep acting so sweet ;) )

27.08.16- 32 weeks old today!  Now you are so much into walking, and trying go from one support to another be it a chair, a sofa, a pillow.  You look so cute balancing, your knees bend, your one hand raising carefully into the air and turning soo slowly looking at your next destination. You know the differences of soft surfaces and hard ones. In the soft ones you deliberately practice free falls and laugh your head off, in the hard ones you squat and sit slowly to the ground. You no longer want to fall asleep while nursing but get frustrated if you cannot and go into an infinite loop of complaining, nursing, rolling away, complaining, and then we usually put you into your sling and you are fast asleep like your newborn days. I decided to sleep train myself so that you might get inspired, maybe? So I have a curfew of 9:30 pm for bedtime. No matter what I am in the bed latest at 9:30 pm -maybe except for travelling– Ah and the food! Your favorite food is watermelon, and you specifically ask for water and love to sip it from a grown up glass -until you have teeth my love-, started to like the yolk very much… And you know what my sweet Lina, when I say life is a pure joy with you, there is not a tiny bit of exaggeration in it – enjoying and looking forward to each minute, watching our adventures unfold oh so miraculously… #gratefuleverydamnday


OK, mama you go  sleep first, I will be right behind you ;)


I am not falling, I am not falling, I am not falling…


Ha! I did not fall!!


I told you mama, bees have velvety stripes, they love lavenders and I love them so much..

34/52 -“the 52 project”


Portraits of my child, once a week, every week, in 2016


20.08.16- 31 weeks old today!  Your new thing is standing, you wake up you stand, you hug one then stand on her lap, you sit then stand trying to hold on to any close object. You clearly demand to be walked, or should I say run. I keep reminding you that you are only 7 months old my love but you don’t seem to care. You love your books, especially one with the penguin where you can rub and bite the fur belly. You entertain yourself quite well, books, toy phone, crawling, sitting, standing and all.

DSC_0321 You put a serious big smile on now when you see me with the big camera, and we do facetime or make selfies.

Oh my my Lina, everyday my love is exponentially growing for you my kid. I feel like I can explode or eat you up any second LOL.  I love you my fairy child, the love you create is so so so magical.



Standing tall


Play Date

DSC_0247DSC_0243-2DSC_0248DSC_0250DSC_0257Hi Leon :)

Is there anything cuter than two babies playing together?

33/52 -“the 52 project”




Portraits of my child, once a week, every week, in 2016

My little expressionist 

13.08.16- 30 weeks old today!  You now add to your repertoire a lower pitch sound, like a bass or bariton, and you use it at the highest volume, it’s so cute, but I am not sure if people sitting in the same cafe think so. LOL. You also now mastered the sitting up, pushing yourself from belly, from feet, from crawling. The first thing you do in the morning the moment you wake up is to sit, as if to check if you are still doing it. Just this evening you pulled yourself up on your own to standing. Almost 7 months and you are on full throttle!

DSC_0279 DSC_0271 DSC_0269 Oh you are so excited, you just don’t want to fall asleep. Some times you wake up in the wee hours of the night and practice everything, the voice, the sitting, the standing up.  And I guess we all became sleep walkers of the day. You, me, baba. But still I feel the fun of it, truly, when you snuggle and smile and make faces, it is as if all the blessings of life condensed in  these tiny moments, my heart bursts with love and light. You are so so loving..




Your smile is changing and being even more adorable, you are playful playful! Squish your face and wrinkle your nose and you make sniffy sounds. It is just hilarious and you make me laugh laugh laugh. Oh Lina we are incredibly in love with you!




DSC_0196DSC_0193DSC_0155 DSC_0177-2 DSC_0179-2 DSC_0183 DSC_0128 DSC_0129 DSC_0132 DSC_0133 DSC_0136

Among the willow trees, on a hilly meadow: my happiest place with these two..