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49/52 “the 52 project” in 2017 – Snow in London

DSC_4557Blurry picture but I love  how it captures their similar and typical wittical expressions


DSC_4542 DSC_4544Victoria Park

DSC_4531 DSC_4523

Snowy day in London and Lina just did not feel like walking on snow :)



DSC_4505Eating lavender cake at Gail’s Bakery. Your favorite..

Now it’s one month to go for the year 2. Your love is vibrant, contagious. You are open to negotiations and sometimes can be sooo reasonable I confuse you with a grown up.  You still love counting and now got into the letters and whenever you see something written on a bus or reading reader books, you start to sing the ABC song in English. You have a make up language which I adore adore adore. I once used the word  Arigato (thank you in Japan) just for fun, head bow namaste hands and everything and you replied back saying giaatoo, and kedi (cat) and did bow–Aaaaww– Because of course you knew. There is this Japanese character in Timothy Goes to School- your favorite one of the two cartoons before the bed- and they once or twice said it there. And you keep impressing me everyday in several ways. At the end of the day I think I would not wish for any other life than this, no matter the chaos, craziness, the exhaustion episodes.  And I could never imagine how much fun life could be with an almost two year old. Love you to the moon and back my little fairy.

47/52 “the 52 project” in 2017

DSC_4470 DSC_4469 DSC_4467 DSC_4466 DSC_4465

DSC_4448 DSC_4447

DSC_4427 DSC_4420 DSC_4419 DSC_4410



DSC_4378 DSC_4377

DSC_4358 DSC_4349 DSC_4345 DSC_4343 DSC_4341 DSC_4326

DSC_4316 DSC_4313 DSC_4306

Life recently… Filled  with beauty, grace and so many moments we are grateful for. Grateful for the wonderful cafes with delicious food and babyccinos. Grateful for all the colors of the fall. Grateful for you talking in such a beautiful way, telling your every move with your every word (dans ediooo ;)). Grateful for your intense love, hugs, your sweett “ooonee tzeeen siits seden” counting, grateful for us…

42/52 “the 52 project”

DSC_4288DSC_4290 DSC_4289


DSC_4284 DSC_4281 DSC_4276 DSC_4278 DSC_4275

I hope you will be great  at recognizing the perspectives in life. One moment the life can seem dull, tainted, meaningless. Then you shift your focus, and life, the world, the skies become the most magical things. There are so many things waiting for our gaze to touch them. There are things that are seen and that see. Trees see us, animals, fairies, all the magical things. But they need us to slow down and let us be seen. And then we realize, only then, in that slow motion, that how enchanted everything is.

Now that you talk in your “isteniyo”, “beenmedi”s, “şaklandı”s and monster imitations, you also became more magical. I watch you awestruck and sometimes you see me, in that, and give me the squizieest hug, then the world stops spinning and I soak it all in. Wishing that moment lasts forever.

38/52 “the 52 project”

DSC_4034 DSC_4029 DSC_4032 DSC_4033DSC_4026 DSC_4025


DSC_4056 DSC_4036


DSC_3938 DSC_4021 DSC_4014


What a week it was! Urla, Berlin and London all in one. Not only the travels were fast but your growth was too. You now talk about your feelings and count up to 6 and sometimes up to 10 by skipping 6 and 7 :)  My favorite  word of yours is “öşşledim” – “miss you”-: you say it accompanied with an hug , it’s the best thing ever, and ever and ever. #sosoblessed