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Christmas Magic

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After returning back from a long journey and a fabulous sunny holidays we were not sure we had any energy or motivation left for celebrating Christmas. But some series of magic happened:  these xmas jammies were delivered to the post office on the day we got back – I had no hopes that they would come on time and since we were not going to be at home we would miss it and they would reschedule it after Christmas- And you know what? Royal Mail was working on the Christmas Eve.  I was just going to cry. I ran to the post office next morning, on a Sunday!

Well, we still were not sure, and totally not organized till 3 pm on Christmas Eve. I was lying in bed dozing off when Onur came in and said “Let’s go shopping and get that Lobster” -I suggested couple of weeks ago that we can make a tradition of cooking a lobster on Christmas.- We managed to run to the tesco before it closed -20 minutes to- and also managed to complete our shopping despite a  toddler meltdown -wrong type of ice cream-

I don’t know how I turned out to be like this.  My parents were so not the types that celebrated traditional holidays, not even the birthdays because they believed these things only encouraged consumerism. I was similar till couple of years ago – we did not have a wedding because I really hated the weddings back then- Something had changed in me couple of years ago. I started to see the magic in traditions, get togethers and celebrations. These memories are so wonderful you would not want to miss them. I was really sad at first because I missed out on these all these years. But then it was fine, because I could enjoy them now so much.

This is our third Christmas  we are celebrating the second two with Lina. Last year I could make her wear anything I wanted. LOL. But oh my sweet almost two year old… She just would not wear the matching jammies. She liked the one with the cat on we got her previously but that got a bit wet and that was the end of it.  She asked that we take it off would not wear anything else, hence the family pictures. We had amazing fun taking the photos and celebrating the Christmas. And I felt so thankful to have this family of ours.

I hope you all had a wonderful and a magical Christmas! Wishing you an amazing and a happy new year!