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38/52 “the 52 project”

DSC_4034 DSC_4029 DSC_4032 DSC_4033DSC_4026 DSC_4025


DSC_4056 DSC_4036


DSC_3938 DSC_4021 DSC_4014


What a week it was! Urla, Berlin and London all in one. Not only the travels were fast but your growth was too. You now talk about your feelings and count up to 6 and sometimes up to 10 by skipping 6 and 7 :)  My favorite  word of yours is “öşşledim” – “miss you”-: you say it accompanied with an hug , it’s the best thing ever, and ever and ever. #sosoblessed

34/52 “the 52 project” – a perfect day in London

DSC_3231 DSC_3226 DSC_3219 DSC_3216 DSC_3215 DSC_3210 DSC_3204 DSC_3199

Hackney Bureau- The Perfect Breakfast Place


DSC_3178DSC_3181DSC_3174 DSC_3170DSC_3186 DSC_3168 DSC_3161 DSC_3160 DSC_3158

Sewardstone Road Love

DSC_3298 DSC_3283Victoria Park and Handstand Trials


DSC_3345 DSC_3342 DSC_3338 DSC_3330Camden Flower Market

Well, obviously the stroller is an essential part of us now. You are so fast on it, I can hardly take pictures -because I seriously have to tell you to “watch out!” like every 2 minutes -hello Turkish mom – You are a talkative bird with a bit of an English accent in your “No”s.

Each evening, after you go to sleep we tell each other with Baba,  how lucky we are to have you, and how loving, fun and super cute you are growing up to be. You put a smile on our face constantly my little fairy and we are so grateful to spend our days with you.

33/52 “the 52 project”

DSC_3039 DSC_3041 DSC_3053 DSC_3061 DSC_3074 DSC_3085 DSC_3092 DSC_3099 DSC_3127 DSC_3130 DSC_3131 DSC_3140 DSC_3142DSC_3152-2Victoria Park

My little fairy, you are a scooter expert now, love ice cream, getting sweeter, more loving and cuter everyday, and describing everything you think, see, and want. You are also very much into the colors and most of the things are “maviiii”, the blue which also means, for you, I think, color in general, or the crayons or the panda towel. You pick your own cloths and refuse to wear the things that do not have rabbit, dog, cat, fish, car or tractors. Life is getting more fun with you and, I think, I could not be more grateful in life than this. #sosoblessed #sosograteful


DSC_2962 DSC_2961 DSC_2945 DSC_2950Battersea Playground

DSC_3025Lina took this picture  with the camera, pretty good one ey? ;)